Differences between ChemDraw Ultra, ChemOffice Pro & ChemOffice Ultra

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ChemDraw A1CA Different versions of ChemDraw. A. ChemDraw Ultra - Chemically intelligent drawing package As well as drawing structures, printing and pasting them into Word & PowerPoint you can also: identify stereocentres using Cahn-Ingold Prelog rules create multiple page documents and posters within a single ChemDraw file. includes ClipArt, publication-quality EPS glassware art for use within your ChemDraw documents. you can import & export structures to/from other structural drawing packages such as ISIS/Draw you can create your own templates includes the ChemDraw Pro Plugin giving you the power of ChemDraw Pro within your web browser interface computes physical properties such as LogP, BP, MP and more. represent and manipulate polymers in ChemDraw. assign reference numbers to ChemDraw structures that appear in your MS Word documents to use as a reference. Name-Struct - key in a chemical name & ChemDraw will draw the structure Autonom - draw the structure & ChemDraw will name the structure for you using IUPAC standard names predict the proton & carbon 13 NMR shifts of your structure - displays the line spectra & correlates spectra information to the atoms Search on your computer or network for chemical structures in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, ChemDraw, ISIS files and more, and browse, search, refine, or export your hit list to any destination.(Win) Peak-Struct NMR Correlation - Correlates atoms with NMR peaks. BioArt - A palette of customizable common biochemistry symbols including membranes and cellular structures Display and perform calculations on up to 1,400 chemical structures at a time in Excel. (Win) Assign reference numbers to ChemDraw structures that appear in your MS Word documents to use as a reference. (Win) Visualise your molecule in three-dimensions, visualise the solvent accessible sites, charge densities & much, much more using Chem3D Std B. ChemOffice Pro You get everything that is included in ChemDraw Ultra plus: ChemSAR (Win) ChemINDEX database of small molecule data on over 180,000 compounds from the web & the NCI on CD-ROM (Win) ChemRXN database of 29,000 organic reactions (Win) C. ChemOffice Ultra You get everything that is included in ChemOffice Pro plus: Advanced molecular modelling tools - MOPAC, semi-empirical method for analysing molecular models GAMESS & Gaussian Client providing a graphical user interface for users of Gaussian 98 & GAMESS(not included) (Win) CombiChem - use ChemFinder for MS Excel to build combinatorial libraries with embedded ChemDraw structures. (Win) E-Notebook (Win) ChemMSDX database of over 7,000 material safety datasheets for commonly used laboratory chemicals The Merck Index 13th Edition on CD-ROM (Win) ChemACX database of 300 catalogues from leading chemical suppliers, including Sigma-Aldrich, Fisher, Acros, Alfa Aesar, Lancaster and TCI America, providing rapid ordering information for over 450,000 products. (Win) ChemACX-SC database of catalogues from leading screening compound suppliers. (Win) Product Information ChemDraw 7 en Y

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